Conversations with Cadance

Bullying can be a broad subject from somebody saying something that you don’t like that hurts your feelings to fistfights.

Who do you want to win?

There will always be bullies.  There will always be someone prettier than the bully that they want to take down.  Like a pack of lionesses, sometimes one cat cannot take down the elephant.  She recruits those who may be slower and more docile however the numbers work to subdue and sink its prey.

Bullies can either thicken your skin or destroy you.

Having the conversation with my daughter, I asked this question, “Do you think Jesus had critics?”  Her answer was yes.  I then proceeded to ask her, “Why?”  She said because the people were afraid of him and afraid of the changes that he would incite.  I asked,  “Do you think they tried to trick him?”  She said yes.  I asked “Do you think he cared what they said it did?”  She said no.  I said “Exactly.”

I told her he was sent by God. He was perfect and if a perfect man had to deal with the cretins of society with grace, then so would we.

I had her practice this phrase to her bully, “Your opinion means nothing.”

I never want my daughter to hurt or be angry or sad when it comes to other people.  I cannot fight her battles for her.  I teach her kindness and compassion are the only ways to work in the world.  Some parents neglect their children and their anger gets expressed in bullying.

My beautiful daughter gets called ugly by some cretin girl and it caused her to cry and wither.  I know this girl is jealous of her but in the midst of the sadness, it is so hard to have her see that.